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After six years of struggle in trying to make even of all the things rolled into one. I decided to pursue education in the post graduate studies. Oh! It’s been long. I tried to review my notes in all the subjects I took. I can still remember some, perhaps, the topics that relates and the professor who effectively transferred knowledge. To mention, all of them. I miss the days when I attended their classes. Now I’m back for good. I will first take the Comprehensive Examination scheduled on June 2-3, 2017. Lord, please help us and all the test takers.

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Friday is Busy Day

Good morning world!!!

It’s Friday but it’s not TGIF.

I need to rush for my Enterprise Human Resource Information System (EHRIS). Downtime again………..Ohno! Not now please. I still have a lot of things to do.

Meanwhile, I was working for the attendance of EHRIS Rollout. The site was back, the I was able to hit the mark, 100% registration.

Checking of email comes next. I need to assist teachers registration to lrmds portal. FB messenger is flooded with queries. Everything increased the number of registered users in Toledo City. I feel happy about this. Registration doesn’t stop there. Another memo is drafted for the individual downloading of of learning materials from the portal.

I went out from the office hoping I can relax for a while. We dine out with some of my friends. Freeing our minds from the whole week long work load. I do not expect that everything was done for the week, but the online tutorial continues until my phone battery was empty at around 9:00 P.M. 🙂

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PDS 2017

Saving a copy of PDS 2017. Need the template? Download it here. PDS 2017



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MTOT for Grade 6 Accomplishment

Day 1

  • Morning Session – Opening of the week long seminar.
  • Went to civil service for a while
  • Afternoon Session – Breakout – Base 1, 2, 4 was assigned in the grand ballroom.
  • Made wall posts for Base 1.
  • Over time in preparing the 254 kits for the participants. Thank you nurses my new friend Lorimaine and one of my best students in high school Jovelou Mae, for helping.
  • Left the venue at 8:30 P.M.

Day 2

  • Assisted Base 1 in their needs.
  • Made checklist for outputs of Base 1 participants.
  • Printing Certificates (110 pcs.) for Base 1 and 4 participants.
  • Left the venue at 10:00 P.M.

Day 3

  • Made Power Point Presentation for Dr. Alvez presentation on K-12 for Private Schools Meeting on April 27, 2017.
  • Downloaded accomplished BLR template  for the In-house reproduction of Grade 6 and Grade 11 Activity Sheets
  • Drafted memorandum for LRC meeting on April 25, 2017
  • Printed certificates for Base 3 participants
  • We left the venue at 9:30 P.M.

Day 4

  • There are a lot of things prepared this day. Additional preparations for the visit of Region VII Monitoring Team as instructed by ASDS.
    • Matrices for Base 1-4 print out
    • Welcome note for all Bases
    • Names of the participants in all Bases
    • Summary of the number of participants
  • Set-up the display area for the outputs of all Bases and in all subjects
  • Encoded DLL format for Base 1 and printed 60 sets of it for my Base as requested by EPS Filipino
  • We left the venue at 9:30 P.M. happy and contented

Day 5

  • We’re on the fifth day! Yipeey!
  • The Region VII visitors were in the venue to monitor the MTOT
  • Additional labels for the Bases
  • Encoded online evaluation links and label for all Bases
  • After five days for the first time I was able to visit Base 3 in their very nice venue
  • I can not still stay at Base 1, all the tasks are in the Secretariat Area situated at Base 4. But all their needs are supplied last night and early this morning.
  • Life is beautiful. I love everything about the seminar except interlopers 🙂 yet you made me accomplish everything I need to accomplish.
  • We left the venue at 8:30 PM.I still have time to meet my former students who invited me to have fun at The Walk. I arrived home (room) at 11:00 PM.

Day 6

  • The second to the last day of the training. I was assigned to host the closing program. My heart beats fast. I’m not good at that. Whoah! I need to prepare for it. The government spends a lot for this training. Everything went well since the first day. So, I can’t just end it like nothing happens.
  • The program was done. All I need to do is to have my script. I need a guide. Yes I need it badly.
  • I was tasked to create thank you cards for all the speakers and and working committees. I need to manage time well so can do all the things needed to be done.
  • I made a powerpoint presentation of the flow of the program. Everything’s set except myself. I have nothing to wear. Crazy. I ran out of outfit. 😀
  • Pressure was felt. But it’s okay, there are a lot of reasons to keep myself going. One is we will be going home after this. 😀
  • When the sun sets I was able to do it. Though rough but I trust God He is always with me. I trust Him so well!
  • At night, I mastered my script but I was not comfortable anymore. Stress was felt. I was tired. Very tired. So I stopped and had a singing spree. Karaoke for an hour inside the venue. Ma’am Fe sang with me too. She was also busy consolidating the online evaluation.
  • We end the day at 12:00 midnight. We went back to our room.

Day 7

  • This is the day that the Lord has made. Ohno. I woke up at 8:02 AM. I can’t imagine how my roommates prepared themselves that it didn’t made wake me up. I’m glad Ma’am Janet went back to the room. I rushed and made it to be in the venue at 8:15 AM. Forgive me for the few minutes. Let me offset it to the nights spent accomplishing all about the training.
  • There was a time constraint. To be continued…
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