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Sweet Recipe of the Year

Frozen Fruitcake Salad: My First Experiment All You Need: fruit cocktail (smallest can) syrup removed all purpose cream (1 pouch) condensed milk (1 can) graham crackers (1 pack) melon (1/4 size) Here’s How: Mix fruit cocktail, all purpose cream, condensed … Continue reading

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Our Puppy’s Foster Parent

My new pet dog Nadeith and her foster parent Tootskie Nadeith “aka Kadang” finally found Tootskie (adapted dog) to be her foster parent. I never thought they will be as close as what you have seen in the photo. I … Continue reading

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A Very Merry Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas to Halojin and Jehzlau! Thanks again for the prize you gave on Halojin’s Pickup Line Contest. As what I promised that will be for III Polaris prizes for the games. I wasn’t able to take a … Continue reading

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Frames and Borders

In the year 2001, a former colleague has given me DMC and Anchor yarn for cross stitch. I was of course happy! I haven’t tried stitching by that time yet, I didn’t try for it seems very laborious and time … Continue reading

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