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Ranking Numbers in Excel

From the word computer, its tasks is simply to compute. It can be small or huge number of numbers that can be computed right in an instant. well, encoding will take a little time. Let’s begin, select or click the … Continue reading

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The Amazing Advantage of PEPT

(PEPT) Philippine Educational Placement Test  is an opportunity given to students who are older than the average age of a student on a specific year level. Sometimes, they are the ones who were left behind due to unavoidable circumstances faced … Continue reading

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CPU Coin Slot Machine

Image Credit This multi function slot machine for CPU is an intelligent way of receiving cash even without human supervision. Intelligent because it automatically identify the coin in its different thickness and diameter. This can be used by Internet cafe … Continue reading

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Papaya o pawpaw

Papaya o pawpaw – Mehikano, Lechoza – in Kastila is originally cultivated in Mexico but is cultivated in tropical countries. It is rich in vitamin C and can also be useful to remedy digestive problem.

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