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Smile: It cost nothing

Give your smile to everyone, it might be the only sunshine he sees all the day. A quote that is written in an old notebook of mine. Copied from a bookmark acquired a long time ago with a smiley or … Continue reading

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Motherhood Changes Everything

Sleeping Manner Moving side ward on both sides was used to be a habit while sleeping. Even if I am sound asleep. I do not stay in place while sleeping the whole night. If someone will count how many times … Continue reading

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Annoying Mouth Sore

It’s been 5 days when I was suffering from this very painful and annoying mouth sore. I have tried gargling mouth antiseptic and yet it remains the same. The last time I had something like this lasts for about a … Continue reading

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Obtain Comfort with Bolsters

Are you into yoga? If your answer is yes, what are using to support your spine? Hmmm just thought of having bolsters behind while doing the activity. Or something that is comfortable to use. The material of any head or … Continue reading

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