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Cake Designs

The little girl in our house is going to celebrate her first birthday. Now thinking of a cake design that would match this big event of her life. Cakes in different flavor is now on the way, minus the icing. … Continue reading

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General PTCA Assembly

The General PTA meeting was held on September 28, 2013 in front of the main building of Luray II National High School Toledo City. This is the first general assembly that was held before the distribution of cards for the … Continue reading

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Safety and Priority

┬áThere is no burglar when no one gives them the chance. Safety should be the priority. There are a lot of low quality locks nowadays. Low class locks is rampant in the market too. Choosing some sometimes means throwing bucks … Continue reading

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Iron Design Matters

Which is which? Long before online resources for people to take references or even select to purchase has not been offered, we only see designs on magazines. And magazines are not for free. Limited are the designs but if we … Continue reading

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