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LBC Send and Swipe

This method of sending money really helped me in my online business. Least carrying charge is added. When you send 50K (within Philippines only) you will only pay 800 pesos. If you choose Instant Peso Padala it costs you 1,500 … Continue reading

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The Vehicle for Your Next Business Trip

Finally you are able to go on that business trip that you have been planning for months. Your business has really started growing strong and fast and your chance to spread your business across the country is your next priority. … Continue reading

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Guitar Stand

Playing guitar is also one of the best hobbies music lovers could do. Playing guitar is indeed relaxing to both the player and even the listener. For me it is best played during the night under the moon and the … Continue reading

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Classroom Setting

A classroom should be one of a place for inquiry and an area for open-mindedness. In order to foster a classroom for students who feel comfortable asking questions is open to other student’s ideas. Besides, rooms are needed by the … Continue reading

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