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Facebook Status

Facebook is a social networking site as we all know, yet a lot still lived with their misinterpretation on facebook. Sometimes, posts they made were all in contrast to the purpose of this social networking site. In my news feed … Continue reading

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Maundy Monday

Tired but I need to get up for our dance practice. It is not an ordinary day for me. Anyway, maybe I’m jealous about those who are not joining for the dance presentation. They are having vacation. But anyway, we … Continue reading

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Teachers’ Night Practice

It’s teachers’ vacation, but will be spent for teachers’ night presentation practice. It will be another amazing performance I bet. Our trainer is a newly discovered man of talent in our City. A newly hired teacher too. Participants to represent … Continue reading

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Jewelry Collection

It used to be my partner when I go out, when I attend any type of party, and other special occasions. Different designs and materials I used in creating those, but as time goes by when I get so busy … Continue reading

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