A 48 hours bed rest

Hi there! It’s been days again since my last post. It’s already a routine. 🙂 On Monday morning a felt tired and was very uncomfortable. I just wanted to lie down, listen to music or read some of the religious books  received from BLD.

The entire day was spent for all that I have mentioned above and I thought the feeling of inconvenience will only last for that day, but I was wrong. Another day has to be extended before doing the household chores and going somewhere for the things I need to do. Can’t still get away with the feeling of discomfort. Sleeping…sleeping…sleeping was what I did on the second day. But in the evening, I felt okay, I felt better. But in the middle of the night, I experienced severe stomach pain that leads to a series of bowel movement and worst… I vomit for the first time since the early days of pregnancy. It has nothing to do it, I was sure. The pain continued with only few seconds interval. I wanted to go to the hospital but I am not sure if there will be doctors available at 1:00 A.M. 🙁 I wanna cry but instead of getting upset I prayed and go to sleep as if nothing happens. The pain persist but became sluggish. Thank God I was able to sleep for few hours. I woke up tired but feeling better.


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