Baby Backpack

Tara got a baby backpack from her Aunt. The one that we named Gerra in my other post entitled Tara the Music Lover. It is our little Tara’s first knapsack all the way from Germany given by her Aunt. I tried to put it around baby Tara shoulders but she cried like she is not comfortable with it. That was heavy I guess. Because my wallet, mobile phone and her milk bottle was in it when I put it around her shoulder to carry on.

Our little Tara, the adorable baby loves the baby bag so much. She loves to play with it even when she is at home. She will be even happier when she saw me putting something inside it for she might think we will be going out. Yes, going out, it’s her most wanted. Like other babies do, she also loves to see different scenery outside. I wanted to bring her along anywhere I want to go but there instances when I can’t and that made me sad sometimes.

If Tara and I will go out, I won’t be looking for what bag I would use for our things specially the things I need for her. It will be Gerra that we are going to pick and choose.

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