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K-12 Mass Training for Grade 8 Teachers in the Philippines

The K-12 Basic Education Program in the Philippines is now a law, Republic Act N0. 10533. An education system in the Philippines that starts from Kindergarten plus the 12 years Basic Education. BE includes 6 years in elementary, 4 years Junior High school (grade 7-10) and 2 years Senior High School (grade 11-12).

The first day of Mass Training for Grade 8 Teachers in K-12 Program. Region VII teachers are gathered together in the same venue, CTU-Main Campus for the said program. It is a week training for teachers in TLE in different field of specializations. Participants were clustered into different areas where there are also 4 fields to attend to. I belongĀ  to the ICT group in the first session (day1). Since the whole morning was spent with the registration, day 1 or session 1 started in the afternoon and was continued in the morning the next day.

ICT for Grade 8 will cover the following: Continue reading

The Amazing Advantage of PEPT

(PEPT) Philippine Educational Placement TestĀ  is an opportunity given to students who are older than the average age of a student on a specific year level. Sometimes, they are the ones who were left behind due to unavoidable circumstances faced by their respective families. Below is only an example of deserving students that needs to be accelerated according to its level passed. Before I proceed, let me first say,

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Quantum: A Healthful Jewelry

Quantum Science Scalar Energy Pendant. My first quantum collection. This necklace is made of a special Japanese volcanic lava containing 0ver 70 natural cosmic energy minerals. I always love to wear this everyday for it helps keep me going until the end of the day without feeling tired unlike the days without my first ever QSSEP. Continue reading