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The Scary Plane

Scared of Cebu Pacific plane on the tarp. I laugh and thought how about the real one? Would I be able to keep our little Tara calm in my arms while on the plane and avoid her from walking away? … Continue reading

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Sleeping Problem

It’s been a week when our little Tara seems very active at night. Playing, singing, humming, shouting walking, jumping, watching movies were the things she loves to do. She usually sleeps at 1:00 A. M. and sometimes at 2:00 A. … Continue reading

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Our Little Tara Turns One

The life-changing happening, all those sleepless nights, seeing exciting developments from being a baby into a toddler are all rolled into one. Time flies too fast. Our little Tara is one 1 year old. Although we miss those days when … Continue reading

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Singing A-long with Tara

It was midnight and yet the eyes of our little Tara were as bright as a┬ádiamond like stars glittering in the sky. I fell asleep for few minutes and woke up when I was disturbed by her movements. She wanted … Continue reading

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