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Philippines: Relief Operation

Days after Yolanda (Haiyan) hits different parts of the country, it can still be seen in the news that a lot of typhoon victims are starving. Four days, five days, six days…they longed for help. Help from our government, but action is not that quick as the rescue that came from other countries.  Whatever reasons maybe, we still need to see the brighter side of things. Doing things in our own little way is a noble act.

Aside from buzzing against the slow motion relief goods operation that most people can’t resist even me, we also need to offer something to the victims. In our case, first is, answering the call of abs-cbn whom asking for assistance in repacking goods. In our own little way at least we will be able to help move the elephant forward. Continue reading

Track of Tropical Depression Wilma

The cold breeze of November. That’s what I thought when I woke up this morning. But when I went out for work. I looked up and realized the weather is not really good. Haven’t heard news about Wilma yet.

No Mr. Sun came out until the day was over. I checked my facebook account a while ago and have seen this in my news feed, the track of tropical depression Wilma. Continue reading

Thunderstorm Advisory

Thunderstorm Advisory No. 08 #MPRSD
6:30 PM 02 July 2013


Thunderstorm affecting #Bukidnon (Maramag, Quezon, Malitbog, Talakag), #LanaoDelNorte (Iligan City), #AgusanDelSur (Santa Josefa) and portions of #ZamboangaDelSur, #ZamboangaSibugay, #Maguindanao, #Cotabato, #SouthCotabato, #Sarangani, #LanaoDelSur and #SultanKudarat within 2 hours.

Continue reading