Drafting Tools, Materials and Equipment

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In any subject in high school and even in college, sketching is present. And learning Drafting is the most basic tool in order for every learner make the topic easier. But there is also another advantage. It is when one has to undergo Drafting course in secondary, when he want to take Engineering courses. Whatever is taught in high school will be a strong foundation of that college course.

The basic and the first thing Drafting offers is to familiarize the tools,materials, and equipment used in the subject. Identification of the three classes , scrutinizing how each is used. Every student have to show the demonstration process so that when they will be given an activity where these tools will be used they already have the full knowledge about how it is made useful.

Below is an image of the different tools and materials in drafting. Equipment (drafting table) is not present.


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  1. T-square – a tool used for drawing horizontal lines
  2. Drawing triangles (30×60 and 45×45) – tools used for drawing vertical and inclined or diagonal lines
  3. French curve – a tool for drawing irregular curve lines
  4. Compass – an instrument for drawing circles and arcs
  5. Dividers – an instrument for transferring distances and measurements
  6. Scale – an instrument that is triangular in cross section and has a different scale on each edge.


  1. Pencil
  2. Eraser
  3. Drawing paper
  4. Drafting tape


  1. Drawing board

Terms and their meaning: Source

  1. tool – an implement for manual use
  2. instruments – devices for drawing, like the compass and divider
  3. equipment – large tools for drawing
  4. drafting – a subject in TLE that dwells on lines and its uses in industry
  5. drawing – sketching, freehand or mechanical
  6. fasten – attach
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2 Responses to Drafting Tools, Materials and Equipment

  1. Good Evening May I ask one question if I may? What is the small triangel with holes spaced 3 or 4 mm apart that the Draftsperson uses to draw the lines for the title box box on the bottom of the page? I remember that the one I had in school was clear orange small with holes running from top to bottom in the centre of triangle. I want to know because I bought a drafting machine/table for $5 dollar from an opp-shop and have saved it from becoming some kids play thing sure to be wrecked and in a landfill. I just wish I still had a basic drafting text book? I am going to make it a hobby. I remember that after year or grade 11 drafting class my hand writing was much cleaner and I much calmer. So to keep this from becoming a novel could you please tell me the name of that instrament? Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi! I’m so sorry for the late response. The perfect triangle is 45×45 degrees drawing triangle and the other is 30×60 degrees drawing triangle.

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