Work and Play are Perfect Combi

Work without play makes John a dull boy. I don’t want to be like John. I need tennis. 🙂 I wanted to take at least an hour of walling in the court tonight but I realized it Good Friday. Well, maybe tomorrow. It’s Black Saturday but God is with me all the time. I am confident and pretty sure of that.

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Amazing Twin-Channel Monster

Too much great deal here! I just can’t help but share. According to a review the amp I newly discovered is awesome. The twin-channel DSL100H monster is amazing. It is not so familiar to me but for those who keeps on updating their musical instruments can tell a lot. Check the deal if you like it. For now, this is only what I can give.

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The New Tennis Lover

Out of love in doing things that benefits health, I decided to do this challenging game, lawn tennis. Pictures later when I’ll be able to master the foot work and hand swing that follows through. This game is addictive. It’s never easy. Yes, it’s not but I love to make things right in this new hobby. I still need to practice more in order to make everything right. I’ll never quit. I’ll make it part of the routine. It may not be a daily thing but at last once a week I will be able to keep mastering. Thanks to my coaches Insik, Bebe, Nin, Nog2x, Ken and Jayril. I may have known you less but you shared what new tennis players need. I’ll always remember your tips. Most of all thanks to my dearest friend, Quesa for inviting me in this game. To She Ree for accompanying me every Sunday to play. :). I’d always love to go to the court anytime I can.

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Guitar Innovation: Daisy Rock

Looking for innovations on guitars? I have an answer. Just like the way I used to do, I always look for what I can offer to my sissy who loves guitar so much but she has no time in browsing because she’s busy at work. The last time I did I found Daisy Rock Guitars and it is so lovely. it sound so feminine to me. Of course men who loves Daisy can also go for it. You just have to agree to make it easy. Kidding.

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