Saving Bucks while Helping Save Mother Earth

It’s been eight months already when I started using cloth diapers for my little Tara. She was three months when I started to use the nappies I bought online that is located somewhere in Antique. That was delivered in our door by JRS on the first week of December 2012. The price per set was 300 pesos.

Having sacks of garbage weekly was the root of my desire to use the washable cloth diapers. I wanted to get rid of the used disposable diapers. They were indeed a displeasure. But I was thankful when I had the cloth diapers on hand for it helped us lessen our effort of throwing sacks of garbage. We are still using disposables but only once or twice a day especially when we need to go out for immunization. I choose to put her a disposable one when out so that I wont be bringing along used washable diapers in my bag.

You can check Baby Things Category at the right side of this post for more information about washable cloth diapers. An explanation of how much you will be saving is in this link. And a blog about washable cloth diapers is in this link too.

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