Tara Loves to Play her Cloth Diaper

Our little Tara playing her green, environment colored, mother earth friendly cloth diaper. I was folding her washable cloth diapers. She suddenly took one, she likes green or maybe the white flowers printed in it.

Meanwhile, I noticed what she’s doing so I grabbed my phone and took her a shot telling her to smile. This baby is a certified camera lover. At 9 months she already knew a lot of things. When she will be left alone, when I am busy, and other things that amazed me.


While watching her grow, I learned to value each memory for I will just notice that she is getting bigger and bigger. She even became smarter as the days passed by. A very observant baby, sweet and loving. She can’t talk yet but hr actions mean a lot. A mother can give the best definition about her child’s actions.

Singing alone. Another thing I appreciate about her. I used to be her babysitter on weekends. But I can’t be in her side every minute. There are things that needs to be done like washing her cloth diapers. One time, I heard her making noise, somewhat like singing while I was in the laundry area cleaning her used nappies.

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